aryn morell & josh lawrence

grown by one, made by the other...


the Story

Morell-Lawrence Wines (M&L) is a story of two families  coming together to create an expression of their passion. The Morell-Lawrence wines are the harmonious fusion of world renowned winemaker Aryn Morell and distinguished vineyard owner and grower Joshua Lawrence.
The M&L Wines were created to showcase the spectacular array of fruit and vineyards as well as the artistic influence of the winemaker, implementing state of the art growing techniques in the vineyards and avant-garde procedures at the winery, all while maintaining the integrity of the fruit and the growing season.
Both families agree that great wine brings people together, and it is for this reason they find pleasure in bringing people the high quality wines without the price of pretension.  


Not all grapes are created equal.


Mass production is not the goal

The vision is clear, when it comes to quality there are no shortcuts. The fruit is selected with a discriminating eye and further sorted to create blends that are not compromised by the limitations of mass production. The goal is to produce the highest quality wine at a sustainable price, "we only craft the wines we would drink, the wines we serve to our friends and family".


Natural Selection

Terroir and weather conditions are the seasoning for our fruit, we strive to constantly learn and implement sustainable farming techniques, treating the soils with integrity and farming ethically.

*Organic grape leaves vs. Leaf damaged by air carried herbicide.